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A one-month personal challenge

This is a hard post to write because it is kind of terrifying to put myself in an accountable position to the world.

But that’s also partly why I’m doing this:

  • To push myself beyond my comfortable boundaries,
  • Train my brain to become comfortable with risks,
  • And create something that is meaningful for me.

It’s also an apropos time, considering I’ve been laid off because of the pandemic and have plenty of time to try something new.

So here are the goals I’m pursuing over the next one-month (April 21 to May 20, 2020):

1. Finish the Udemy course I’m taking on how to develop 2D games in Unity with C#

I have 229 sections left, and on average it’s about 10 minutes to finish each video.

Assuming I have 28 days to do it all, it’d be about 8 videos per day = 80 mins. I can spare one to two hours a day working on this.

2. Complete illustrating Alex’s children’s book

There are a total of 28 pages to draw, and some of them are double spreads. This one is going to be a challenge, because I’m not confident in my skills as an illustrator or artist.

However, the point is to push the limits of what I’m comfortable with, so I will #postitevenifitisshit.

I’m not expecting a full drawn, beautifully coloured page. All I want is a rough sketch of how things look, because once I have a sketch, I can always refine the drawing in Illustrator.

I can’t refine a blank page. The goal is to do one page a day, and assuming I take 2-3 hours to draw, that’ll be more than enough time.

3. Make my first investment

(aka get to the point where I’m well read and understand how investments in Canada would work and what I would choose to invest in)

This one is a bit of an iffy goal, I’ll admit. Even I’m not sure if I will get financially literate to the point where I feel comfortable making an investment.

However, I want to deepen my financial literacy and I plan to invest an hour minimum each day to read or study about this.

I’m currently half way through Rich Dad Poor Dad, and once I finish the next book I’m tackling (again) is Millionaire Teacher.

The other source of knowledge I’ll be looking at is Canadian Couch Potato, and eventually I will look at studying how I should invest in Singapore.

I am terrified of failing, but in a way I’ve been learning to be less scared of it. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 with Alex lately, and one thing I realised is that I’m learning to be less scared of taking risks.

Even if I die (from being shot in the game), I can respawn and come back to try again. Fail and try again. Fail and try again.

That’s something positive I’m taking from it.

So this is the first day of my personal challenge, and I will write again tomorrow about how Day 1 went.

Thanks for reading this, dear friend.

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