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If you’re tired of copy-pasting templates to create notes, here’s a shortcut on how to automate Bear for recurring notes.

Bear Tag Organisation

How I organise my tags — It took me a long time to simplify my tags into core header tags like this.

One of my favourite apps for writing the past few months is Bear, which I’m using to write now.

I love it for its simplicity, minimalistic aesthetic, and most importantly, its tagging system and cross-note linking feature — which makes organising notes a breeze.

One of the ways I’m using it now is a daily reflection journal: writing down my daily wins, what I’m grateful for, while setting my intentions for the next day.

Keeping a gratitude journal has been linked to many benefits, like lowering stress levels, improving self-esteem and mental strength, and sleeping better at night.

And because I follow a specific format, I wanted to make it easier to create notes instead of having to copy and paste the previous day’s into a new note.

Thankfully, Shortcuts (iOS only) allow you to create nifty little hacks with apps, so if you’re lazy to create your own, here’s the link to my version.

The shortcut will create a Bear note with the following text.

# #gratitude list# – (today’s date)

## What did you achieve today?

## What are you grateful for?

## What’s your one thing tomorrow?

You can also modify it to fit what you want, and if you’re not sure how (I was the same way in the beginning as well), here’s how you can do it.

Modifying Bear Shortcut to your own

It’s easier to do it from an existing shortcut, so I’ll suggest adding mine from this link. Once you’ve added the shortcut, you should see this in your library.

Shortcut Library

Tap on the top right corner (the round button with the three dots) of “Daily Reflection”, and it’ll take you to edit the workflow.

Bear Notes Workflow

Here’s a gif to make things easier.

You should see something like this.

Scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the Text section. This is where you can put in whatever prompts you fancy, or take out anything that you don’t want.

Text Input Bear Shortcut

Here you can change the title and the tags, and one of the great things about Bear is that it can take multi-word tags.

So I can log these reflections under #gratitude list#, instead of #gratitudelist or having it accidentally broken into #gratitude and #list.

If you want to add more tags, just throw a comma behind each tag and you’re all set.

Tags Input Bear Shortcut

You should get a Bear note like this when you run the shortcut.

Bear Note Shortcut Output

Other ways you can automate Bear notes

Besides using this for daily reflections, you can also use this for your morning pages, weekly review, and monthly review. I wrote morning pages for a bit a few months ago, but eventually decided this was easier.

I hope that helps, and if you use my shortcut or end up customising your own, let me know. Perhaps I’ll even make a video tutorial for this, eh? Heh.

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