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The last five minutes of Episode one of Season Four was what did it for me. (Minor spoiler alert warning!)

I was enjoying watching Jamie and Claire in their new surroundings, exploring America — a new land of hope and dreams, after many terrible trials and tribulations. I’ve been following their journey since Season 1, and I was always excited when new episodes came up on Netflix.

In the last 5 minutes, Jamie and Claire are on a boat to see his aunt when they’re beset by a group of marauding pirates. Their leader, Stephen Bonnet, is a man they had helped evade the authorities when he ran away from the gallows.

Not only does Stephen steal their gemstones and kill another one of their friends, he also steals Claire’s wedding bands from Jamie and Frank.

The anguish and pain on her face as she tries to keep from losing them was just too much. That was it for me.

I like Jamie. I like Claire. I like watching them together, overcoming the odds because of their love for each other. In another time and place and mindset, I would have been mindlessly consuming the next episode, hooked like a moth to candle.

But I’ve grown from the person I was, when I used to watch shows like these. I’m more in tune with my emotions now, with what I consume, and the people I have in my life. I just couldn’t stomach watching characters I love being tortured all over again.

In all the past seasons, I’ve seen their love put to the test, and their minds and bodies pushed to breaking points. The both of them have been through enough, as far as I can tell.

All I want for them to just catch a break from Life and finally get that happy-ever-after.

No more betrayal, no more pain, and no more torture. And it doesn’t look like they are going to get that well-deserved rest. Ever. They’ve been renewed for a fifth and sixth season.

And so I have to say, enough. I’m done. No more Outlander.

Ironically, the show begins with Claire’s voiceover about circles.

This was a circle I’d had enough of.