One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 10

I’ve been dealing with a super migraine and just general lethargy the whole day, so it’s been tough trying to push through and reach my goals for today.

I also had to deal with a sudden technical issue with my Airpods this morning, where the audio from my MacBook started cutting out every few seconds. It was only my MacBook and not my iPhone, so I knew there was a problem somewhere with my laptop’s bluetooth function.

I was so frustrated while trying to troubleshoot it and it zapped most of my energy away for the day.

Here’s an account, nonetheless, of my day:

  • Filmed and edited a few videos for Alex
  • Finished 6 out of 15 videos
  • Published my third game!
  • Practised driving on Portage Ave and reacted well to surprises (imo)
  • Cooked lotus soup and beehoon because I was craving 家乡的味道 (the taste of home).

During my driving practice with Alex, I was so surprised when a fire truck suddenly appeared behind me and started beeping. Thankfully I managed to pull into the lane beside me without mishap.

It was my second time driving on a busier road (that isn’t in a residential area), and you have to go at a minimum of 60 km/hour.

I’ve had enough practice to be comfortable with 40 km/hour, so while 60 is not that much faster, it’s still new and I just have to keep practicing.

How does this relate to my goals?

I finally finished the Laser Defender game project! Oh my lord. It’s not a tough game, but there’s still a lot of new stuff I’m introduced to, such as coroutines within coroutines.

And then there’s the challenge of really absorbing each new thing that’s taught. I have built a foundation of sorts, and it’s just going to take a lot of practice and do-overs to really cement it in my head.

Here’s the game:

It looks better on the website where it’s hosted.

The next game project might take a lot longer to finish, because it’s 10.5 hours worth of tutorials to get through compared to Laser Defender (6 hours).

It should be interesting as it’s similar to Plants VS Zombies, but I can kind of already see what I would be learning. I might take longer to go through this section as I’d like to customise it a little more and then show it off as something I’ve done.

We’ll see, but that’s the game plan for now. It looks like I might just have to use the rest of the next 20 days to finish this Udemy course!


This goal is on pause, as per my explanation on Day 2.


Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Like I mentioned, I’m just zapped from my migraine, tech problems and general exhaustion. I don’t even know why, since I slept early last night and woke up at a reasonable time.

Maybe I need more time to recover from this wonky sleep schedule.

On a positive note, the province is finally opening up slowly which is great! As much of a homebody as I am, I am getting a little tired of being cooped up at home.

It’s not been as bad as my first year when I just moved here, where I was going crazy from how little there was to do here. Events, restaurants, or even just getting around (the buses here are not great).

I missed our huge shopping malls that are open till 10pm and are only 10 mins away from where I lived. Or the wide array of foods from the hawker center for only $3, compared to a minimum of $10 plus tip and tax for an Asian meal.

The buses come every 10-15 minutes (except during morning rush hour), and it’s $3 a ride compared to our $1.60 back in Singapore.

Eventually…. I’ve learnt to adapt. There are events and restaurants, but they’re not what I’m used to. The buses aren’t great, but on the plus side, it’s cheaper to drive.

There’s pros and cons everywhere, I guess. It’s way cheaper to buy a house and a car here compared to Singapore.

One thing that Singapore will always be No. 1 in my heart is food.

Forever and always.

I really want some char kway teow and McSpicy 😭

This post (Day 10) is part of a one-month challenge I’m working on.

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