One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 14

It’s been a little bit of a challenge getting back up to speed after a few days’ break, but…. I’ll get there.

Here’s an account of my past days before Day 14:

  • Finished up a business card design for my freelance gig
  • Went for several walks with Alex
  • Helped Alex film his teaching videos for the upcoming week
  • Journaled and meditated to process buried emotions

And this is what I did on Day 14:

  • Meditated with the Authentic Self DRE (clearer understanding on why a comment affected me so much)
  • 6 out of 8 videos for Udemy
  • Filmed some videos for Alex
  • Went for a few walks with Alex
  • Played Aground (it’s on sale on Steam) and lost two hours of my life to it 😂

How does this relate to my goals?

It’s a little hard getting back to full steam like I was doing before. I’m not going to beat myself up over it, which might seem like nothing but is pretty monumental for me.

Not being able to do things well enough or up to a certain standard used to leave me high strung, freaking out about it without ever really thinking about why it was affecting me that way.

There were all sorts of imagined consequences I’d have running through my head, and these days, my inner monologue has calmed down and only occasionally gets worked up.

I’ll work on increasing my speed for the next few days so that I can successfully finish this course by the end of the 30 days.

What I’ve also noticed from playing Aground is that I’m starting to understand or guess at the game logic or code behind the game.

Before, I’d just play the game and not even think about how the game works. Now, I’m actively trying to look for the cool features or unique ways of interacting with the world that the developer has included.


This goal is on pause, as per my explanation on Day 2.


I’m pretty excited because I had another video chat with Wei Ping recently, and we’ve made more progress on our video podcast project. We’ll be filming it soon, and then I guess the next step would be to edit and upload it for the world to see!

I’ve come to really enjoy writing my daily updates, and this has also helped develop my self-confidence in presenting my work to a general, unidentified mass audience.

I’d like to continue writing on a habitual basis once this challenge is over, and I would like to delve more into Human Design, psychology and self-development.

For now, I’ll focus on one day at a time, and tomorrow is a pretty big day. I’ll update you what happens then.

Toodledoo, dear friends! Have a beautiful weekend.

This post (Day 14) is part of a one-month challenge I’m working on.

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