One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 24 and 25

I should have made more progress these past two days, but I didn’t and now I have to make sure I make progress the next few days. There’s literally 5 days left, and 21 more videos. It’s all doable, just a little tiresome at this point.

Summary of Day 24:

  • Finished 3 videos of my course
  • Watched the Army of Darkness (WHAT. A. GREAT. MOVIE! If you’ve never heard of it, check out Evil Dead 2 first – you won’t regret it.)
  • Balanced our budget and our money is now 19 days old!
  • Unsubscribed most of the email junk that I receive
  • Enjoyed the beautiful summer weather

Summary of Day 25:

  • Finished 3 videos for my course
  • Filmed 4 days worth of video for Alex (and edited only 1, but I’m exhausted)
  • Shopped for enough groceries for the next two weeks (?)
  • Built a chair, shelf and desk from IKEA all by myself!
  • Went for a walk with Alex

It’s been a pretty busy day today, and I’m pretty tired. It’s back to work for me tomorrow, so I’m gonna have to make sure I kick butt at work (and remain relevant).

How does this relate to my goal?

21 videos left and 5 days to do them all, so it’s about 4.2 videos a day. As long as I can maintain 3-4 videos a day, I’ll be fine and I can catch up on Friday (Day 29) and Saturday (Day 30).

In the meantime, here’s a little update of the progress I’ve made thus far: Getting kicked to death šŸ˜‚

Not much to say today, other than a very cool story about the effects of being true to myself. When I follow what’s right for me, beautiful and unexpected events occur and surprise me.

As Manifestors, we’re here to make an impact, so it was wonderful to hear of my unexpected impact on a dear friend (that came from following my interests authentically).

I’m going to continue to experiment with Human Design because it’s been a great way of explaining a lot of my natural instincts.

  • Like the natural anger that arises when I’m asked a question or asked to do something;
  • Or the way my energy ebbs and flows;
  • Or the way I naturally repel people who aren’t right for me with my closed aura;
  • Or the unexpected bursts of inspiration and the ability to meld and synergise different ideas together.

I’m not a Generator, who’s able to keep chugging along like an engine until their fuel runs out. I’m not a Projector, who guides and leads with wisdom. I’m not a Reflector, who’s a little bit of everything.

I’m a Manifestor. I’m here. I’m direct, I’m straight to the point, and I see things differently. I like to lead because I can do things fast and I can see what the best way of doing things are. I don’t like being controlled, or told what to do. I will fight you if you try to, unless there are greater reasons that necessitate my holding back.

I’m not here to do things for people; I am here for myself and my desires and to do something impactful, and I’m most certainly not here to be a subservient lackey who jumps at anyone’s command.

There’s still a lot of not-self conditioning (from society, family) to work through, but I feel good about the progress I’ve made thus far. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I don’t care if it sounds silly or “woo”-y. We all have different frameworks through which we process life, and this just happens to be another lens I look with.

Astrology, Chinese zodiac, religion, etc. They all serve their own purpose. My eyes are wide open as I drink this “kool-aid”.

Are your eyes open? Do you even know what you’re drinking? When you speak, do you know where the root of your words originate from?

If you’re curious about what Human Design, I’m happy to share with you. Just let me know, or check out My Body Graph, which will give you a beginner’s insight as to what your type is.

You can even tell me I’m wrong, and that’s okay. Do what works for you, and absorb only the wisdom that feels right. This is what’s working for me right now. It’s understandable to be skeptical. There’s a lot of noise out there.

In the meantime, I will always wish you well, and I only dream of great things for you. Till the next time, my friend.

Your friend always,

This post (Day 24 and 25) is part of a one-month challenge Iā€™m working on.

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