One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 3

Today was 100% a win in my opinion.

I finished developing my first game and I got so many video sections of my Udemy course done, which is fantastic! I certainly made up for the slow progress in Day 1 and Day 2, so the decision to focus on two goals (instead of three) was a solid choice.

Here’s an account of my day:

  • Published my first game online!
  • Watched 16 out of my minimum 8 videos per day
  • Did a yoga class online
  • Went for a walk with Alex
  • Read 1.5 chapters of RDPD

I had a lot more time to really power through the game development course by starting first thing in the morning, and the small act of increasing the number of completed videos on my list HELPED. A LOT.

I was addicted to watching the number go up, because it means I’m reaching my target number – and then later on, it became a “YAASSS I’m conquering this” mental game that I was playing with myself.

How does this relate to my goals?

I had only done 10 out of the required 16 videos the past two days, so I needed to finish 6 + 8 = 14 videos today to catch up to where I’m supposed to be. 16’s two more than 14, so I’m 25% ahead for tomorrow’s schedule.

Also as I mentioned, I published my first game!

While I used the story text from the tutorial (I was lazy), the coding and learning and understanding is all me.

So technically, I could take some time to craft some sort of fun story and then plonk it in there to make it fully own.

Embedded game as below:

(Link here if the embed above doesn’t work)


This goal is on pause, as per my explanation on Day 2.


I’m 80% done with Rich Dad Poor Dad, and from what I’ve read so far, I would say that this is a great starter book to concepts you’ll need to become financially literate.

I will probably do a Book Notes of this book in the future when I’m done with it, like I did with The Singapore Story.

Another great consequence of my daily accountability posts is that I’ve had friends reach out to me, ready to share their financial knowledge with me. It’s awesome because I believe I do better when there’s a sense of community involvement, compared to studying in isolation.

Literally no progress, because it’s easier to hide and work on my goals another day when there’s no one watching.

Since I started this little blog series of mine, I find myself working hard to make sure I post my daily updates before midnight. It’s fun.

Anyway, that’s the update for today and I’ll be heading off to bed for now.

Thanks, dear friend, for reading this far.

This post (Day 3) is part of my one-month challenge.

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I’m enjoying reading your daily posts! I’m very happy that you’re achieving your goals for your one month challenge bit by bit! Motivating me to do more! I’m kinda interested in the game developing thing you’re studying now. Let me know if it’s all good, I might do it if this lockdown drags even longer. Keep it up!! Jia you!!

Thanks Denise! I’ll PM you about which game development course I’m doing, and for sure I’ll let you know if it’s good. Right now I’d say yes because I’m learning how to do stuff I’ve never done before hehe 😁

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