One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 5

TLDR: Hit my targets for today, while making time for play.

I’m still surprised when someone tells me they’ve read my blog posts, partly because I have an inferiority complex that crawls out of my inner soul cavern to drag me down whenever I get praised.

“I’m here to destroy any self-confidence you might have.”

Or maybe it’s what they call imposter syndrome, but I now rather like the idea of some ghoulish creature who only just wants love, and unexpectedly scaring the beejeezus out of people when it shows its face. I digress.

Here’s a quick update of my day:

  • Finished 15 out of 15 videos
  • Finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad!!
  • Drove a little bit (I’ll be going for my driving test in September, the earliest I can do it)
  • Came up with a children’s book idea (and Alex finished writing it TODAY!)
  • Movie night with Alex
How does this relate to my goals?

Trying to keep to my self-imposed targets each day has been a little challenging. I’ve been learning a lot, but sometimes I come across issues that takes up a lot of time to debug.

For example, we’re currently building a block breaker-style game in this module and it’s both fun and challenging. Just today, I learnt how to:

  • Limit the paddle to within the confines of the game screen
  • Keep the ball on the paddle and then launch it with a mouse click
  • Add sound effects for when it bounces off the walls or breaks a block
  • Show and update the score on the game screen
  • Build another game level
  • Ensure that when all the blocks are destroyed, it goes to the next level

I had to spend a lot of time troubleshooting what was wrong with my game when I realised my ball was only bouncing up and down, and wouldn’t go off to the side even if I tried a different angle.

Turns out I had locked the X-axis on the Rigidbody 2D component, and only by crawling through the past lectures and studying the instructor’s screen did I finally spot the difference.

I’m pausing for now since my brain’s kinda exploding and I’ve already hit my target.

I can’t wait to show you the completed game, and I think it’ll be ready by tomorrow or the day after (at the latest).


This goal is on pause, as per my explanation on Day 2.


I finally finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad!

It’s taken this challenge to finally cross this book off my list, because I’d always had it on my To Read lists and never felt like picking it up.

While reading the book, the underlying sense I got was that I knew the soul of the story from having read it somewhere else.

There were references to The Richest Man in Babylon (thanks Wei Ping for the rec!) and Think and Grow Rich, a book I have read and reread several times.

This was the same sense I got while watching the Bill Gates documentary (Inside Bill’s Brain), which I can’t quite explain how I know what I know. It sounds woo woo-y, but I just really wanted to share that.

Tomorrow’s task for this goal is to write a one pager on what I’ve learnt from the book. The concepts, the ideas, the key quotes, etc.

But for now, it’s time for Movie Night with Alex, so I’ll bid you sayonara. If you’re still here, thank you for reading.

I don’t know what draws you to my insane ramblings, but I’m grateful.


This post (Day 5) is part of my one-month challenge.

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