One Month Challenge

One-month challenge: Day 9

I’m exhausted from staying up too late last night and waking up way too early, so I’m going to bed early or I’ll be a wreck tomorrow.

Although I didn’t hit my target of 15 videos today, I’m okay with it because I made progress on my 3rd goal! I’m working on a video podcast project with Wei Ping, which fills me with a joy and excitement I haven’t felt in a while.

We had a productive meeting (figured out next steps etc), and I can’t wait to film/record our first podcast and just have fun! 😊

Here’s an account of my day:

  • Video called Wei Ping to discuss the video podcast idea and he’s totally on board!
  • Finished 7 out of 15 videos
  • Called my mom and fulfilled my filial duties for the day (lol)
  • Went for two walks (one with Alex, and one for thinking)
  • Meditated with Lacy’s DIs this morning (likely my next challenge once I finish this)
  • Minor graphic designer-related work for my company

How does this relate to my goals?

Four more modules before I wrap up this game project, and I’m kind of amazed at how much I’ve learnt so far.

I feel kind of iffy saying that because I imagine there are better programmers out there who’re probably like, “Pffft, this is nothing.

Proud of the progress I’m making, and I know I’ll continue to make more progress in the days to come.


This goal is on pause, as per my explanation on Day 2.


Like I mentioned earlier, I had that video call with Wei Ping to discuss our project idea and I was literally floating on cloud nine; I was so pumped.

I think this is partly due to me following my Strategy in HD, which has been monumental in unblocking my creative energies, as well as doing DIs to work through my internalised shame and smallness.

I’m finding that money and family are very intertwined. The way you’re brought up around money and the conversations you have (or don’t have) shape your future adult experiences and choices in dealing with it.

It takes work to reprogram your subconscious patterns and programming (by society, family, friends) and it’s not an easy journey.

I know I’ll get to where I want to be eventually. I just need a little bit of time and patience with myself.

Today’s post is a little shorter because I’m exhausted, so I wish you all a most restful sleep (and don’t learn from me)!

This post (Day 9) is part of a one-month challenge I’m working on.

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