I’ve been coming across a lot of great resources and this is my way of keeping track of them all (and sharing the love). I hope you find it useful.

Game Development Assets

They have sprites, 3D models and sound effects released under the public domain license, so that means you can use their assets in commercial projects.

Glitch The Game

I had never heard of this game until I started my game development challenge, and what’s cool is that Tiny Speck, the developer of this game, went on to create the now-universally beloved team chat app, Slack.

There’s over 10,000+ individual art assets & animations released into the public domain sphere, so they’re good starting assets for beginner game developers.



Kevin MacLeod’s music has long been a staple for many who need royalty-free music, and you’ve probably heard some of his tunes in various YouTube videos.

You can monetise your YouTube videos as long as you credit him. (more info)